Inguinal hernia treatment is solely through surgery, a fact that may bring concerns about high medical expenses. At Gi Surgical Clinic, we understand patients are particularly worried about the costs involved. Thankfully, our Day Surgery is covered by health insurance, and patients can further benefit from the high-cost medical expense benefit system to minimize their financial burden.

### Treatment Costs for Inguinal Hernia Surgery
Health insurance applies to inguinal hernia surgery!

The cost of inguinal hernia surgery at Gi Surgical Clinic varies depending on the patient's age and the burden percentage of insurance coverage. For example, for patients over 70 with a 10% insurance co-payment, the total cost from consultation to surgery might be approximately ¥37,000, including about ¥6,000 for consultation and tests, ¥18,000 for Day Surgery, and around ¥13,000 for out-of-pocket expenses. Costs will slightly vary with different insurance co-payment rates.

Day Surgery not only eliminates hospitalization fees, reducing financial stress but also lessens the impact on daily life and family burden:
- **No Hospitalization Fees:** Avoiding the cost and preparation for an extended hospital stay.
- **Minimal Life Disruption:** Fewer days off from work or household duties are needed, with the possibility of resuming activities the following day, depending on individual recovery.
- **Reduced Family Burden:** Recovery takes place at home, lessening the need for family members to provide care.

### High-Cost Medical Expense Benefit System
This system is designed to prevent excessive medical expenses from heavily impacting household finances. If medical costs at a hospital or pharmacy exceed a monthly cap, the amount above this cap will be reimbursed. The cap is determined by annual income.

For instance, a 40-year-old patient (Person A) with an annual income of ¥3.5 million has a monthly self-pay cap of ¥57,600. If Person A incurs ¥100,000 in medical expenses in a month, the excess ¥42,400 beyond the cap would be reimbursed by the health insurance provider. Thus, for a ¥100,000 treatment cost, Person A would only need to pay ¥57,600 out of pocket.

For detailed information on the high-cost medical expense benefit system, please consult the relevant guidelines.

Please feel free to inquire further about these aspects during your visit to Gi Surgical Clinic. Our staff is here to assist you with any questions or concerns regarding the financial aspects of your treatment.